The EMLI Parish Mission Grants Program fosters missional development throughout the Diocese of Long Island, inspiring congregations and archdeaconries to “be Christ in the neighborhood” as they...

LISTEN actively to the wider community: its gifts, its pain, its deepest yearnings, its greatest challenges
PARTNER with neighbors to share God’s mission: restoring the world to wholeness and holiness
EMBRACE and transform the community, even as the community embraces and transforms the church

  • Mission Grants are designed to fund the launch of new ministries and programs, or the missional redevelopment of existing ones.
  • Ministries must be affiliated with a Parish, Mission, Deanery, or Archdeaconry within the Episcopal Diocese of Long Island.
  • The ministry must have an organized committee or board that supports the program both financially and through personal involvement.
  • Preference will be given to those ministries that engage the largest number of community members and appear structured and financed to continue in the future.
  • Successful applications must be demonstrably based on active listening and mission discernment among two constituencies: members of the congregation(s) and members of community groups affected by the potential ministry. For support in this process, consult the Missional Vocation Discernment resource.
  • Preference will be given to those ministries whose leaders have participated in some form of missional discernment or leadership development, including trainings provided by the Diocese of Long Island in such practices as Asset-Based Community Development, Appreciative Inquiry, Creating Cultures of Peace, Radical Welcome, Public Narrative, Community Organizing, etc.
Submit Application by Deadline (March 15, June 15, September 15, December 15)
  • Cover Page
  • Part A: Missional Foundations
  • Part B: Program Rationale and Design
  • Part C: Program Budget
  • Part D: Narrative Budget
  • Supporting Documents
Grant Program Support and Endorsement
  • The Program for which funding is requested must have the support of the congregational clergy (rector, vicar, priest-in-charge) and the elected/ appointed congregational leadership (vestry, bishop’s committee, or institutional board). The clergy person and senior warden (or equivalent) must sign the grant application cover page to certify that the conditions of the grant will be met.
Follow-up to Grant Disbursement
  • Any and all promotional literature pertaining to the Program must contain acknowledgement of funding from Episcopal Ministries of Long Island.
  • An Annual Report must be sent to EMLI no later than 12 months after having received the grant, containing:
    • Upon Request: Detailed accounting of how grant funds were spent, with adequate documentation (receipts, payroll registers, etc.)
    • Record of the number of people engaged by the program
    • Program evaluation by program administrators and by people engaged with the program
      • At a minimum, evaluation should describe:
        • What parts of the program proved effective at achieving the set goals?
        • What parts of the program would need to be changed to achieve the set goals? How would these changes be instituted?
        • Do the program goals need to be redeveloped to match need and capacity on the ground?
    • Demonstration of program’s efforts to move toward financial sustainability
    • Demonstration of program’s efforts to integrate ongoing community feedback
    • Copies of program promotional literature, with acknowledgement of EMLI funding
    • Photos/digital images of program activities and testimonials of program participants to be used by EMLI for publicity and donor education
  • PLEASE NOTE: Failure to comply with reporting requirements will adversely affect consideration of future grants.
EMLI Mission Grants may NOT be used for the following:
  • Payments on existing debt
  • Purchase of real estate or land
  • Deferred maintenance (although improvements to the facility for specific mission program purposes will be considered)
  • Ongoing funding of paid staff; personnel costs should total no more than 30% of grant budget
  • Any purpose other than the one described in the grant application and approved by the EMLI Board of Directors
All unused EMLI Grant monies received must be returned to EMLI within 60 days of the end of the 12 months following receipt of the grants.
Total amount available for a Mission Grant:
  • Grants of up to $15,000 are available for programs sponsored by an individual congregation, or up to $20,000 for programs sponsored by a group of congregations, a deanery or an archdeaconry. Proposals will be subject to rigorous assessment to ensure the amount requested is the amount necessary for successful achievement of ministry goals.
  • Grants must not constitute more than 75% of the total budget of the new program for which a grant is sought. Ex: St. Stephen’s is launching a new community arts and spirituality program, for a total cost of $10,000. The church may apply for a grant of up to $7,500, or 75% of the total cost of the program. They must find other resources for the remaining $2,500 or 25%. This ensures the church has a diversified, wider support base for the project.
  • Following the first year, grant recipients may re-apply for additional funding, up to a total of three consecutive years per program, according to the following formula:
    • Year 2: May apply for up to 66% of the original grant amount
    • Year 3: May apply for up to 33% of the original grant amount
  • There are no guarantees of continued funding from year to year.
Application Submission

All application materials must be received by the following deadlines. Any application that is not fully submitted by the deadline risks being held for consideration at a later meeting of the EMLI Board.

  • March 15
  • June 15
  • September 15
  • December 15

Other applications will be considered throughout the year, provided funding remains available.

All proposals should be submitted in this manner:

    • Applications should be filled out directly using the online application form.
    • If applicants prefer to write Parts A and B (essays) as separate Word documents, they may be sent directly to after the application has been submitted.
    • Cover page with signatures of Program Contact/Director, Rector/ Priest in Charge, and Archdeacon (if Sponsor).
    • Supporting Documents
      • Parochial report
      • Audit
  • STEP 3: MAIL

    Address package, including cover page and supporting documents, to:

    Episcopal Ministries Mission Grants
    36 Cathedral Avenue
    Garden City, NY 11530

    For more information, please e-mail Franca Floro at or call 516.248.4800 x 149.