EMLI Mission Grants allow parishes to respond to Christ’s call to care for their neighbors through the establishment of parish-based initiatives and community partnerships which affirm the dignity of all people.

Parishes who are interested in developing a ministry to serve and support their neighbors are encouraged to:

DISCERN through prayer and active listening, ministry models that take into account the gifts, strengths, pains, longings and deepest desires of the community
PARTNER with Episcopal Ministries to help develop ministries that are sustainable and that can be transformative
COLLABORATE with other organizations and the wider faith community as may be possible in order to help improve outcomes, maximize resources and strengthen the community.

Eligibility and Requirements


  • Mission Grants are designed to fund the launch of new ministries and programs, or the expansion of existing ones.
  • The ministry must be affiliated with a Parish, Mission, or Deanery within the Episcopal Diocese of Long Island.
  • The ministry must have dedicated coordinators and/or a committee that supports the program through personal involvement.
  • The ministry must have the enthusiastic support of clergy and lay leaders within the congregation and financial commitment from the parish.

EMLI Mission Grants may NOT be used for the following:

  • Payments on existing debt
  • Purchase of real estate or land
  • Deferred maintenance or capital expenses (although improvements to the facility for specific mission program purposes will be considered)
  • Ongoing funding of paid staff. Personnel costs will be considered up to a maximum of 30% of the total program budget

Total amount available for a Mission Grant:

  • Grants of up to $15,000 are available for programs sponsored by an individual congregation, or up to $20,000 for programs sponsored by a group of congregations or a deanery.
  • Grants must not constitute more than 75% of the total budget of the new program for which a grant is sought. Ex: St. Stephen’s is launching a new community arts and spirituality program, for a total cost of $10,000. The church may apply for a grant of up to $7,500, or 75% of the total cost of the program. The parish must demonstrate how they will find other resources for the remaining $2,500 or 25%. This ensures the church has diverse and wider support for the project.
  • Following the first year, grant recipients may re-apply for additional funding, up to a total of three consecutive years per program, according to the following formula:
    • Year 2: May apply for up to 66% of the original grant amount
    • Year 3: May apply for up to 33% of the original grant amount
  • There are no guarantees of continued funding from year to year. A separate Mission Grant Renewal Application is available for Year 2 and Year 3 funding.


Funded parishes agree to the following:

  • Certify that the funds will be used for the intended ministry.
  • Contact EMLI for approval if unforeseen circumstances require substantial change in the use of the funds.
  • Return unused grant funds at the end of funding cycle or demonstrate how they will be used to maintain or enhance the ministry effort.
  • Submit a Progress Report within 12 months from when the grant funds were received. If applying for additional funding, the Year 2 or 3 Grant Application takes the place of a progress report (as it contains the same information).
  • Be prepared to provide detailed accounting of how grant funds were spent, with adequate documentation (receipts, payroll registers, etc.), if requested. Year 2 and 3 Grant Applications require an accounting of grant funds expended.
  • Include an acknowledgement of funding from Episcopal Ministries of Long Island on any promotional literature pertaining to the ministry program.
  • Provide photos of program activities and testimonials from program participants. This material may be used by EMLI for publicity and donor education.
  • Help EMLI gather and/or write stories about the ministry for promotional purposes.
Application Submission Process


All application materials must be received by the following deadlines:

  • Spring applications: Received by March 15
  • Summer applications: Received by June 15
  • Fall applications: Received by September 15
  • Winter applications: Received by December 15



  • You will receive an email confirming that your grant was received and when you can expect a decision to be made.
  • The Clergy-in-Charge is asked to respond to this email to confirm that the proposed ministry will have the support of parish leadership.
  • EMLI may request supportive documents, bids and cost estimates for expenses in excess of $1,000.


Members of the EMLI Board of Directors as well as clergy and lay leaders from within the Diocese serve on the Grant Review Committee that make the final determination on all grant applications submitted. The committee may request supplemental materials in order to consider the grant. The Grant Committee encourages parishes to consult with EMLI and discuss their intention and aspirations for the ministry prior to submitting a grant application.