Episcopal Ministries of Long Island 2019 Annual Appeal: Let us continue to "Walk in Love as Christ Loves Us."

2019 Annual Appeal

Message from Bishop Provenzano

I trust you have seen the posters and brochures at your church from Episcopal Ministries of Long Island.

EMLI has many remarkable stories of how congregations and local communities are serving the vulnerable among us year ‘round because of the faithful generosity of our clergy and church members.

March is the month when EMLI shares its heartwarming reports and stories and pictures about outreach and consultations across the diocese, in Christ’s name, and asks us to donate to that worthy work.

Please join me and Jeanne, my wife, in making a donation to the EMLI 2019 Annual Appeal. Use the EMLI envelope at your church, mail your donation to EMLI, or donate online through the EMLI website.

Let us “Continue to Walk in Love as Christ Loves Us.”

Message from our Executive Director,
Mary Beth Welsh

Episcopal Ministries of Long Island Commitment Sunday for 2019 is March 31.

EMLI is your diocesan ministry that energizes parish and community outreach that serves the vulnerable or marginalized across Brooklyn, Queens, Nassau, and Suffolk counties. It’s a significant and effective way you and your congregation share in ministry beyond your doors.

The Annual Appeal brochure distributed by your church has stories of how 100% of your donations bring compassion, welcome, and belonging, in Christ’s name, to sisters and brothers among us. EMLI energizes hands-on ministries as well as offering professional consultations to congregations considering new outreach possibilities.

Please make a donation or pledge today as generous as your personal circumstances allow. Use the EMLI envelopes at your parish or mail your check or a note about a pledge directly to me at EMLI. You may also donate online quickly through the EMLI website.

Thank you on behalf of those we serve for your faithful generosity.

Appeal Materials for Parishes